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Lifestyle Change Program

The Lifestyle Change Program at UW Health supports a Health At Every Size approach that looks internally for markers of lifestyle change which come through small steps towards achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle as it pertains to nutrition, activity, sleep and emotional and social well-being.

This program is based on the CDC's Prevent T2 curriculum and is well-positioned to support patients in preventing diabetes.

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This program is a year-long commitment with weekly classes for the first 16 weeks followed by a transition period of every other week for the following 12 weeks. The final four months of the program require a monthly meeting. All meetings will be hosted virtually until UW Health approves community learners back on campus.

Participants will:

  • Connect with a certified Lifestyle Change Coach

  • Engage with the PreventT2 curriculum to learn realistic strategies for improving everyday food choices, physical activity, sleep and well-being

  • Join a support network with others on a path to better health

Gain access to an online platform where participants can interact with each other and the program 24/7.

About the Lifestyle Change Program

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