HIV patient education series

To support our mission of improving the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS, the UW Health HIV Care & Prevention Program offers free educational events throughout the year.

These events are designed to support patient wellness and provide education to help people live well with HIV. Events are generally open to patients, family members and interested community members and focus on HIV-related topics requested by patients.

There are also other local community based organizations and governmental agencies that offer educational events, community feedback opportunities, and resources for people living with HIV.

If you are interested in receiving notification on upcoming UW Health HIV Care & Prevention Program or community HIV education events, please complete this consent form (pdf) and return it to your social worker or call (608) 263-0946 for further information.

Past patient education topics 

  • HIV status disclosure: Legal and personal considerations

  • Living and aging well with HIV

  • Wellness and nutrition for people Living with HIV

  • PrEP for love: Advances in biomedical HIV prevention

  • Navigating health insurance

  • HIV and transgender health

  • New horizons in HIV treatment