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HIV 101: Resources

Are you interested in learning more about HIV? The UW Health HIV Care & Prevention Program recommends the web resources listed below as reputable sources of information on HIV. Please note that these resources are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please contact your provider with any specific medical concerns.

State and Local HIV Resources

  • Vivent Health - Social services, dental care, food pantry, housing assistance and other services for people living with HIV

  • Wisconsin HIV Program -  Information on ADAP-AIDS Drug Assistance Program and Insurance Assistance Program, surveillance data on the HIV epidemic in Wisconsin


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Information on HIV basics, such as transmission, testing, and prevention

  • HIV Drug Guide - A look at the antiretroviral therapies available for treating HIV, including photos of medications as well as physician and activist comments. From Positively Aware, an HIV treatment journal.

  • - Access to HIV policies, programs, and resources through digital media

Comprehensive HIV Information for Patients

  • The - A complete online HIV/AIDS educational resource collected from leading organizations and experts. Read personal stories of people affected by HIV.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - IV/AIDS statistics and surveillance data, information on HIV and special populations, HIV prevention, fact sheets and infographics

  • >AIDS (Greater than AIDS) - Information about HIV prevention, testing and treatment to increase knowledge and understanding and confront the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. Emphasis on hope, unity and personal empowerment.

For Healthcare Professionals

Global Resources

  • AVAC - Global advocacy for HIV Prevention, with a focus on HIV prevention research

  • International Association of Providers of AIDS Care - Education, research, technical assistance and advocacy activities for providers of care to people living with HIV

  • UNAIDS - The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, worldwide goals for HIV care and data collection on HIV epidemiology

Clinical Resources

En Español

  • InfoRed SIDA - Fuente de información sobre el tratamiento del VIH/SIDA y su prevención. Incluye hojas informativas, escritas con un lenguaje fácil de entender.

  • The Body en español - Recursos comprehensivos sobre el VIH para la comunidad latina

  • Somos > SIDA (Somos más que SIDA) - Campaña de información para el público que sirve como respuesta a la epidemia de VIH/SIDA en EE.UU., con un enfoque en las áreas y las personas más afectadas

HIV Biomedical Prevention: PrEP and PEP

  • PEP line and PrEP Line - Rapid, up-to-date clinical telephone consultation for PrEP and PEP decision-making

  • PEP 101 - Explains how PEP (Post-Exposure prophylaxis) works to prevent HIV infection after being potentially exposed to HIV

  • PrEP 101 - Explains what PrEP (Pre-Exposure prophylaxis) is, how it works to prevent HIV infection, and answers frequently asked questions about PrEP

  • PrEP - Specific information on PrEP tailored to specific populations

  • What is PrEP? - Short video with information about PrEP and how it can work inside the body to prevent HIV infection

  • PrEP in Wisconsin - Information on getting, and paying for, PrEP in Wisconsin

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