Genitourinary (GU) cancer survivorship

Cancer survivorship is more than just surviving cancer.

For men who have been diagnosed with genitourinary cancers (cancers affecting the prostate, bladder, kidney, testicles, penis and adrenal gland), survivorship starts at diagnosis and extends far after treatment has ended. It is important for you to maintain your quality of life and remain active even though you may face some new challenges such as frequent bathroom use, problems with sexual intercourse, fertility issues, stoma care and more.

UW Health GU cancer survivorship program

The goal of UW Health is to help you focus on your full recovery by providing information, clinical care and resources for improving your general health and wellbeing both during treatment and as you adjust to your new life after cancer.

Our program

  • A team of providers and experts in men's sexual health

  • Access to providers who specialize in genitourinary cancer

  • Care plans customized to your needs

  • A seminar series that offers ideas on how to cope with physical, emotional and social effects of your cancer and your cancer treatment

  • Help managing any late effects of cancer or cancer treatments

  • Expertise in monitoring for cancer reoccurrence

  • Ways to improve your health through nutrition, exercise, weight management and quitting smoking

  • A support network of GU cancer survivors

Conditions treated

  • Erectile dysfunction (penile doppler, intracavernosal injection, penile rehabilitation, penile prosthesis)

  • Ejaculatory dysfunction

  • Stricture disease

  • Fertility preservation

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Incontinence (slings, AUS, bulking agents)

  • Stoma care


The survivorship clinic is open to all patients with a diagnosis of genitourinary cancer. We provide both long-term follow-up for cancer survivors and one-time consultations.

To schedule an appointment, call (608) 287-2900.

Patients use the Clinic for varying lengths of time, depending on the type of cancer and their health status. When your risk of recurrence is low and your concerns are addressed, you will return to your primary care provider for ongoing care. If your cancer comes back or if your treatment plan changes, you will return to the cancer team.

Our seminar series

Whether your diagnosis is new, or you have been on this journey for a while, talking to providers who specialize in treatment of prostate cancer and your peers who are dealing with the same diagnosis can be an important part of your healing journey.

UW Health is pleased to offer a new seminar series that will feature topics specific to genitourinary cancer. Join us as we get together each month to discuss issues such as:

  • Rehabilitation and PT/OT

  • Sexual function

  • Fertility

  • Voiding dysfunction and incontinence

  • Nutrition

  • Mental wellbeing/emotional support

  • Wound and stoma care

At this time, all seminars have been canceled. When we are safely able to resume, we will update this information.

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