Gender Services

Gender services patient resources

Primary Care Services

Review our Gender Services Providers page to find a primary care doctor.

Behavioral Health Experts

The UW-Madison Counseling Psychology Training Clinic provides high quality, cost efficient and multiculturally competent psychological and mental health services. (608) 265-8779.

Gender-Affirming Hormones

Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatric and Endocrinology physicians. Review our Gender Services Providers page to find a physician.

HIV Care and Prevention

In Wisconsin
(608) 263-0946
(800) 323-8942
UW Health HIV Program
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Residents of Other States
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Laser Hair Removal Services

(608) 836-9990
(866) 447-9990 (toll-free)
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Surgical Services

Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health

(608) 263-6420
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Fertility Care

(608) 824-6160
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Voice Therapy

(608) 287-2500
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Patient Education Resources

Associations and Transgender Community

Learn more about Associations and Transgender Community