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Digestive Health Coping Skills Group

Supporting your digestive health and well-being virtual group.

In a safe, supportive atmosphere from the comfort of your home, review mind-body skills for working with digestive health concerns.




Thursdays, 2:30–4:15 p.m.


Alison Peters, PsyD and Michelle Toigo, PhD


Covered by many health insurance programs.

How to attend

Have your digestive health provider place a referral to DHC Health Psychology. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and Webex Meetings installed to participate.

Upcoming 2023 schedule

June 22: Reflecting on our digestive health experiences

This is an introduction to the group and fellow group members with opportunities to reflect on and connect around digestive health experiences.

June 29: The gut-brain connection

Learn about the biological link between our brains and the GI system, focusing on the role of the nervous system and the impact of stress.

July 13: Self-care strategies

Identify strategies to help you relieve stress and maintain a sense of well-being.

July 20: Challenges in managing digestive health conditions: pain and eating

Discuss the role of pain and stress related to food/eating in your digestive health journey and review helpful strategies.

July 27: Mindful relaxation for digestive health concerns

Learn more about mindfulness and practice relaxation strategies focused on being present and aware of your feelings and senses in the moment, without judgment, to activate the body’s relaxation response.

August 3: Changing the way we think about digestive health

Understand the connection between our thoughts, emotions and behaviors and learn how to identify and reframe common thoughts related to digestive health concerns.

August 10: Being you despite your symptoms / Group wrap-up

Identify our values and explore the role of values in our lives and throughout our digestive health journey. There will be a last opportunity to connect with fellow group members and wrap up the group experience.

Note: Schedule is subject to change. Sessions run two times each year and have a limited number of spots available.