Pediatric fitness

10 ways to measure improved well-being without a scale

Most people use a scale to find out if they have lost weight. But the number on the scale doesn’t always tell the full story and can make you mad, feel frustrated or feel like nothing is working.

Your weight will change as you grow. It will also go up and down as you increase your activity and make healthier food choices. The physical activity you do will increase your bone density and muscle mass while it helps decrease the stored fat. Don’t let those numbers fool you.

Here are some other ways to measure the good changes you are making:

  • How is your energy? Regular physical activity will make your body do more and give you more energy. This will make your daily routine much easier.

  • Baggy clothes? While not a current fashion statement, it shows you are losing inches and making progress towards your goal.

  • Noticing a change? Has anyone told you lately how good you look or how big your smile is? Small changes can make you feel much better.

  • Health numbers changing? Within weeks of starting to do regular physical activity, your resting blood pressure and resting heart rate will get better.

  • Is exercise easier? The more you exercise, the easier it will become. You might even want to increase how quickly you move, go a longer distance or keep moving longer.

  • Who needs the sugar? Healthy eating habits can help decrease your wanting sweets. These include:

    • Eating breakfast

    • Adding protein or a healthy fat with each meal

    • Choosing water over sweet drinks

    • Making snacks whole or dried fruit, veggies or whole grains

  • How's your confidence? physical activity, making healthier food choices and working hard improves your confidence. You have control over the good decisions you are making.

  • Feeling happier? Just like confidence, the more you do, the happier you will be. Let that smile shine through!

  • Sleeping better? Good sleep is important and by making good food choices, routinely being active and having healthy habits, sleep will come easier and be more restful.

  • Are you happier? Making good choices helps us be happier.