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Clinical trials for children

Promising new treatments to fight childhood cancers

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Promising new treatments to fight childhood cancers


Promising new treatments to fight childhood cancers

At UW Health, we provide expert cancer care for children. For most of our patients, that care includes participation in clinical trials. We develop exciting new trials based on findings we’ve discovered. Some of these are only offered here. We also take part in multi-center trials. These trials test new treatments on children throughout the country.

Clinical trials benefit future patients but can also offer hope in cases where your child’s cancer has not responded to standard treatments or has returned. No matter the trial, we always prioritize your child’s safety and comfort.

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About clinical trials

What is a clinical trial?

Discoveries in medicine are often made through research. Clinical trials are research studies that test promising new treatments to see how effective they are.

New therapies may come with some risk, but we make every effort to minimize that risk. Your child will receive careful follow-up and ongoing medical care throughout the trial. 

All participants receive treatment of some sort. We rarely use placebos (harmless, noneffective treatments) in cancer research.

Who may participate in a clinical trial?

Trials are available for children with all different types and stages of cancer. In most cases, there are specific criteria that participants must meet. These might include having a certain type of cancer, for instance, or a certain treatment history.

The treatment process

Taking part in a clinical trial at American Family Children’s Hospital

Your child’s doctor may refer you to us. You can also learn about the trials we offer through Studyfinder.

How clinical trials work

If there’s a trial you would like to learn more about, these are the steps involved:

  1. 01.
    Contact us

    You may reach us by phone at (608) 890-8070 or online. We can help you learn more about the trials we currently offer.

  2. 02.
    Speak with our research team

    If there’s a trial your child qualifies for, we invite you to meet with the research team. They will give you more information about the trial, the treatment involved and the potential benefits and risks. Email PedsHemOncResearch or call (608) 890-8070.

  3. 03.
    Provide consent

    We will work together to decide if a clinical trial is a good option for your child. If you decide to have your child participate, you’ll sign an informed consent agreement.

  4. 04.
    Your child receives the treatment

    Our team provides instructions for you and your child. We watch your child’s health closely with checkups and follow-up care through the trial’s completion. You’re free to withdraw your child at any point should you so choose.

Care team

Your clinical trial team

Many people may have roles in your child’s care during a clinical trial. These include our research coordinator, doctors and nurses. Child life specialists, social workers and others may assist your family as well.

Physician resources

Information for physicians

We’ve played leadership roles in the design, implementation and analyses of national clinical trials. We can help find trials that may be appropriate for your patients.

Clinical trials offered at UW Health

To learn more about pediatric oncology clinical trials now offered at UW, please visit:

Clinical Trials at UW Health