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DEI Interpreter Services

In order to guarantee we provide the highest-level interpreter services, UW Health’s in-person interpreters are allnationally certified medical interpreters.  

Learn more about certification/credentialing: 

More About Interpreter Services 

  • Interpreter services are offered at no charge for all UW Health patients. 

  • UW Health offers in-person, phone and video interpreting services. 

  • For more information, please contact Interpreter Services at (608) 262-9000. 

 Interested in being a medical interpreter?  

If you are interested in working as a UW Health interpreter, you need to hold a current national certification. Once you hold your national certification, you can contact us at (608) 262-9000 to inquire about work opportunities. 

Learn more about Certified Healthcare Interpreter certification 

Madison College currently offers healthcare interpreter training courses through their Continuing Education program.